We offer the most basic services but packaged with love, care coupled with togetherness. Our common room areas provide people with an opportunity to know each other better. Families go through their happiest memories when sealed together on the common area. New people meet and end up as friends after sharing some moment.

Massage is one of the services you will get. You will have to make your appointment to request a masseuse. Every room has its massaging table. After a long day of hiking mountains or enjoying the wild biking trails, it does not hurt to get a good massage to help relax your muscles and give you a good night sleep. If you want a romantic couple massage accompanies by fine lines for your bed, we provide that too.

Our breakfast buffet is yet another service rat has put us in the limelight. People of Manchester and visitors alike have an so much appetite for our meals. We serve Italian, French, English and even American dishes. The chefs at Pack Saddle In are all well-travelled. They have served in the most prestigious hotels and different cultures. The first day, we welcome our guest by bringing them breakfast to their room. The second day, all the guests meet at the dining areas and share the meals together.

During winter, we offer sleigh services. Interested guests get to ride on the horses as they tour Vermont areas. We have particularity put smiles on the faces of many children and their parents as well with this. As you go out on the snow, you can enjoy the different snow games with your family or with fellow guests.

The Wi-Fi services have enabled many couples to watch their favourite programs; kids enjoy their cartoons and those who need to work, do it without a hustle. Every room has a large digital television set. The Inn has a nurse that resides there and is always tread to attend to emergency situations. All the staff are trained and qualified to give the first aim. We understand that when you leave to explore nature, injuries can occur and we are ready to help you recover without having to endure too much pain.

If you want to warm up in a hot tub, we provide that. There is also a swimming pool that is open to all guests. Pack Saddle Inn has a fitness and wellness centre with experienced trainers for those who would like one. If swimming is not your thing, then let your children or other family members enjoy it and hit the gym. The equipment in the gym is all well maintained and modern. The hygiene eels are just magnificent. The attendants here are well groomed, polite and very friendly. But this does not mean they will go easy on you. On the contrary, you will get the best exercise ever.

At the fitness centre, you are free to choose your trainer. The gym is subdivided into two sections, the male and the female sections. That allows our guest to be free as they exercise.

The band and local artist that entertain our guests’ every day have made the Inn the nesting place to stay. The band sings at the common area and even gives the inn residents a chance to request their favourite songs. To make sure that the kids are not left out, the band sings one or two songs for the children. If you stay at our Inn during Christmas time, you will love it. The children are always entertained, the joy spreads to every corner and floor of Pack Saddle Inn. Depending on the weather and season, the band chooses a song to either entertain the guests or relax them. In the evening, after a long day kayaking, snowboarding or biking, the music back at the inn will relax you.