About us

Pack Saddle Inn was started back in 1912, and it has been managed as a family business ever since. We value every customer, and we treat them like family. Thousands of families have spent their memorable moments here.

The meals are prepared just like you do at home. We want you to experience our meals as though you are in your kitchen. We decorate the rooms with warm colours and paintings to let every visitor feel at home. Since our inception, we have maintained a high level of Highline, elegance and sophistication. We have a combination of new, foreign and local decor in all our rooms. Regardless of where you are coming from, you will have something to relate to once you set your legs at Pack Saddle Inn.

The driveway and the paths around the house are all well maintained regularly by our professional landscapers. We ensure that the material used is skid resistant to protect children and the seniors from falling especially during winter. We have a staircase for the people using wheelchairs. Just like a home, we cater to the needs of all. There are several trees and gazebos where the family and rest during the day and enjoy a cold drink. We also have hot tubs in the house and some outside on our property.

Our policies are simple and easy to adhere to. First of all, there is a strict no smoking rule. Whether you are in your room or the common area, you are not allowed to smoke at any time. That protects the young children, elder people in the facility and any sick person who can be affected by the smoke. Secondly, we serve our breakfast at exactly 8 am, this gives people enough time to get ready to get out and explore, and for those with kids, it gives them time to prepare. We allow guests in up to 10 pm for security reasons.

The Inn is located near Orvis fly fishing school, and it is near the Stratton and Bromley Mountains. The location was strategically chosen by the founder as he was a great lover of nature who enjoyed the countryside every summer. The Inn was not started as a place to accommodate guests. It was a country family house; it was later expanded to have many rooms and floors to host more people. The five-acre property houses another cottage. You can get a single bedroom cottage, two beds or even a four-bed cabin on the same in or a large family or group of people. Same applies to the bed sizes. We have king size, queen and duplex. The breakfast is always served hot and free. For those who would like to start the day early, there is still a pot of coffee or tea running. Same applies to those who stay up late to work. There are microwaves, small refrigerator and coffee makers in every room. You don’t have to move up and down the stairs at night looking to get a hot cup of coffee.

Finally, in the spirit of family union, the inn is pleased to inform all of you that we allow couples to hold their weddings at our property. We decorate the cottages and the main house for the couple and give them the best rates. The beautifully landscaped property surrounded by the mountains provides the couple with a wide variety of options when it comes to wedding photo sessions. If you decide to have your wedding in winter, we will offer a carriage at a fee. Find us on our website www.thepacksaddleinn.com for booking and further information.