The Pack Saddle Inn

The Pack Saddle Inn

The Pack Saddle Inn is one of the warm and welcoming places that you can spend your night in.

The Pack Saddle Inn

While the idea of an Inn maybe strange to people who don’t like traveling, it is very common for people who love to travel especially by road. If you are visiting upcountry, it may get rough on the way, and you will require a place to lay low until the road or weather clears.

The Pack Saddle Inn is one of the warm and welcoming places that you can spend your night in. The Inn is made and designed to look like a home. The travellers have always loved the sweet and aromatic breakfast that is served every morning. Based in Vermont, a normal morning involves enjoying the beautiful sceneries presented by the stretching mountains. On a cold morning, the rooms have fireplaces that will keep you warm. You can choose to get out and sit in the rocking chair as you sip your cup of traditional English tea, coffee or hot chocolate while playing some games in the best paypal casinos, where you can play with free spins no deposit win real money on the nieuwste gratis slots online spelen or try online trading with some of the best forex brokers of 2020 like succesvol traden bij itrader.
Pack Saddle is home to honeymooners traveling upcountry to enjoy some sports, Families moving with their kids to visit their relatives and it is no doubt a beautiful place for older and younger people alike. Inclusivity, quality and being attentive to customers’ needs are our primary goal.

The Inn was started back in 1912, and it has been operational ever since. It has gone through a series of renovation in the bathrooms and kitchen areas to accommodate modern taste. The Inn is a perfect combination of old and modern brought together to bring a different level of sophistication and elegance. The back porch was added in 1964, and it forms a perfect place for a family to sit and enjoy the mountains.

To secure yourself some room at Pack Saddle Inn, you can call our front desk before your travel day. But if you find yourself in the area and the need for a place, our doors are always open for people in need. We accept guests up to 10 p.m. local time, and breakfast is served at 8 am in the morning to all the guests. We understand that people have different dietary needs based on their age, health, background and culture and our breakfast buffet takes care of all guests. Don’t be afraid of bringing your kids; they will have enough healthy breakfast options to choose from.

The Inn is located along the road as you drive down to Vermont. It is also few miles from the airport, and you don’t have to spend your night in a hotel. The rooms available at Pack Saddle Inn are of different sizes and different amenities. The bigger the room, the more expensive it will be for a night, the smaller rooms with fewer facilities cost much less, but the quality of materials used are the same. All The beds are comfortable, and each room has a warm sower connected.

The air conditioning is always efficient allowing you to adjust your room temperature as you desire. All the rooms regardless of size have a free Wi-Fi connection. For those who have mobile offices, you will comfortably use our secure internet connection to make video calls or teleconference. We accommodate all kinds of people, those who want to enjoy nature entirely without any form of distraction and those who want to work and enjoy the view at the same time.

All the rooms have a fully equipped bathroom with full mirrors, shaving mirror and modern dresser. You will also be provided with a hairdryer, irons and ironing boards, a reading lamp among other things. Before you leave our property, you are free to be a tour around our 5-acre ice of land and enjoy the well-maintained contours and breath the fresh air, and if you are a lover of pictures, you are free to take a few and put in in your memoir.